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The amazing true story about what happend on friday.   Leave a comment

Okay, let’s start with the details: Our oven has a rat-sized space under it. I have a wooden play kitchen with another rat-sized space under it. Okay, to the story! I was just walking in the kitchen, when I just out-of-nowhere (or Iceland, which ever came first.), I looked under the oven. I was halfway to a heart attack! I saw a twitching pink nose and whiskers! I was just about to tell my mom that we had wild mice, when she yelled, “The rats are loose in the room somewhere!” I found my dad and told him to get me some oats. He gave me some granola and we ran to the oven. I sprinkled a little granola in front of the oven and Coco, one of my rats, crawled out. I dumped most of the granola in front of her, and put one hand behind it and one at the end of Coco’s tail. I scooped her up and put her in the cage. We had gotten Coco, but where was Buttons? My dad and mom were waiting in the rat room, next to the play kitchen. My dad pointed under it. “We need to get Buttons.” He said. This is gonna be tricky, I thought. Buttons was shyer than Coco, And we only had seven pieces of granola left. We tried the granola trick, but it didn’t work. My dad started to move the play kitchen, and guess what?!? The noise scared Buttons enough that she ran up the cage wall! Big mistake, for her! I put one hand behind her, gently but firmly held her legs, and then scooped my other hand under her belly. I held her until my dad opened the cage door and I put her in.


Now both ratties are safely in their cage (Hopefully). And so… the end, I guess (unless they escaped again). Well, We’re just lucky they didn’t go into the basement or one (or both) of are attics.



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These are some posts from my old blog at I’m moving to this one now.

You should of been at my house yesterday at playtime for the rats! My rats have a little wooden pot that I sometimes fill with oats and\or seeds, and yesterday the went SO crazy for it! (It was full of oats and seeds, and Coco ate most of it.) You should see how Coco walks with the pot; She grabs it with her mouth, tilts her head up, and she does this little prance with it. It’s so cute! Today I’ll fill it with just oats, and for a surprise, and a block! Neither Coco or Buttons has ever had a block on the play course. Bye!

I got Coco and Buttons to stay in their classrooms AKA boxes by putting oats on their desks AKA clothespins. If you know how rats eat, you can just picture it! Note to self: Get batteries in the camera! Went to again. Rats rule!

My rats, Coco and Buttons, Had school yesterday. They didn’t like it very much, if you know what I mean. By “what I mean” I mean pushing desks AKA clothespins out of the classrooms AKA boxes, Running away, That kind of stuff. Sorry, no pics. Today I went to the Jorats website (See below). 99% rats, 1% rat stuff. Contact her for help for rats, no matter if you have 1,2,3,4, or 100! Bye!

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